Transgender Therapist and Trainer

I work collaboratively with each person to determine the best therapy approach to assist them in reaching their goals. I aim to facilitate healing from cultural damage and the effects of various forms of oppression. As a psychotherapist, my goal is that my clients reach a place of hope and fulfillment.

My Practice

My specialty is in working with transgender people from childhood through adulthood. In addition I work with people who fall somewhere along the LGBTQ+ spectrum and those who are addressing cultural trauma or gaining deeper understanding of their mixed racial roots and identity. I provide psychotherapy and consulting services in the Baltimore/DC area and have clients from around the state of Maryland. Video therapy sessions or clinical consultation may be an option for people in MD from outside the Baltimore area. If you are in NC and need a letter for surgery, or wish to consult, I’m available for that service too as I hold a clinical license in NC as well as MD.

I'm happy to talk with you for free for 10 minutes to learn about your needs and whether I might be the best person to help.

My Services

I offer a range of clinical services to adults of all ages, youth, and some children and couples or romantic partnerships.

Areas of special interest include:

  • Trans, two spirit, and gender identity related challenges, including transition services and work with gender non-conforming children and their families
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, same gender loving, pansexual, poly, questioning, transgender, and intersex affirming treatment
  • Trauma recovery and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)
  • College and Graduate student adjustment, building independence, finding community away from home, creating life balance
  • Emotion regulation work
  • LGBTQ+ family building and fertility
Individual Sessions

Give yourself the gift of undivided attention and personalized therapy

Group Sessions

Join the LGBTQ+ family building group or my consultation group for providers working with gender non-conforming people

Couples or Partnerships

I offer a limited number of spots for partners to participate together to improve challenging aspects of relationship

My Focuses

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