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    What We’re Up To: Groups, Events, Trainings

    Continuing Education

    Let’s Talk about Sex: Becoming a Kink Informed Provider

    October 13, 2021 10:00am – 1:15pm

    In this 3 credit course, practitioners will learn basic terminology related to Kink and BDSM. We will review topics that might arise in therapy related to kink practices. Practitioners will be able to differentiate between positive and consensual kinky relationships such as Dom/sub relationships and unhealthy or abusive relationship dynamics. We will identify barriers to discussing sex in therapy and increase comfort in these conversations in the clinical setting. Practitioners will leave with resources to share with clients who are interested in Kink or considering new types of relationships.

    Ethical, Trauma-Informed Care with Transgender, Two Spirit, and Gender Non-Conforming Individuals 

    A Live, Interactive Webinar

    October 27, 2021 10:00am – 1:15pm

    This 3-credit course will provide information on transgender, two spirit, and gender non-conforming identities and how those intersect with other identities. We will identify ethical dilemmas participants may encounter and review strategies for ethical decision-making. Participants will leave with concrete ways to offer affirming and trauma-informed care with TGN2S people.

    Trainings and Conferences We Have Paid to Attend This Year to Improve Our Work with 2SLGBTQIA+ and Black,Indigenous, and People of Color:

    “Working with LGBTQ+ Families of Color”, “Ethics of Working in Small Communities”, “Native American Training Institute”, “Training the Transgender Trainer”, “Updates to Ethical Codes in Maryland”, “Supervision of New Clinicians”, EMDR Basic Certification, “Eating Disorders and People of Color”, “DBT Skills Training”, “De-Colonizing Therapy for Black Folks”, “EMDR with BIPOC people using ancestral healing practices”, “Therapy with neurodiverse trans individuals”

    Trans and Queer Affirming Trainings We Have Given This Year:

    “Pre-Colonial Knowledge of Gender”, Online Course Content for “Working with LGBTQ+ Children and Youth” found at Relias, Inc., “Complex Cases”, and “Intersectional, Trauma Informed Care for Trans, Two Spirit, Gender Non-Conforming Individuals” “Building Queer Families: Supporting LGBTQ+ Clients in the Process of Creating Families” “LGBTQ+ Inclusive Care”, “Returning to the Sacred Circle: Two Spirits and LGBTQ+ Indigenous Healing,” “Gender is a Construct”, “Trans 101”, “Advanced Clinical Training with Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Individuals” , “Ethics of Providing Care to Trans, Gender Non-Conforming, and Two Spirit People”, “Becoming a Kink Informed Provider”, “Poly What?: Introduction to Consensual Non-Monogamy”, “Evaluations and Letter Writing for Gender Affirming Surgeries”


    UMD Baltimore and Shady Grove School of Social Work, Maryland Addiction Recovery Center, In My Mind Conference at the New School, Pro Bono Counseling Project, West Virginia American Theater Festival, Baltimore Parole Board, Baltimore County Public Schools, MedStar Franklin Square, DHS Arlington, VA, TurnAround, Children’s First Pediatrics, DC Public Schools


    Greater Baltimore Counseling Center, Charm City Care Connection, Native American Lifelines, Johsn Hopkins University


    Baltimore based radio show with an episode dedicating to the gender spectrum:

    Carolina House’s Annual Symposium on Eating Disorders to speak about transgender folx and eating disorders.

    Maryland Trans Resilience Conference

    Queer Circle Podcast

    Continued Growth and Learning, Expertise and Knowledge

    When you pay a therapist, you are also paying for the types of continuing education they choose to get and what they decide to maintain current training in.

    When you hire a consultant and supervisor, you want to know that they have experience in training on the topic you’re seeking knowledge on and hopefully hold the identities that they’re training on.

    Groups and Events

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