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  • Transgender Therapist Baltimore

    Hawn Therapy & Consulting is a leading therapy center for couples with the best team of therapists. Franklin Nuñez is a licensed transgender therapist in Baltimore who has helped several clients from the LGBTQIA+ community lead healthy, stable, and fulfilling lives with his unsurpassed counseling services.

    What is gender dysphoria?

    The term transgender refers to individuals whose sex assigned at birth does not match their gender identity. The mismatch between their sex organs and psychological gender identity can cause distress, emotional trauma, and other mental health problems. Gender dysphoria can begin in childhood or after puberty and can influence the individual’s identity through adulthood as well.

    Meeting with a same-sex therapist can help individuals with gender dysphoria find answers to their gender concerns and be more comfortable with who they are. Our goal is to help transgender persons be successful at work, school, and in relationships and enable them to lead their best lives.

    Challenges faced by transgender people

    As a sexually marginalized population, transgender people suffer from stigmatization, discrimination, and victimization. They develop a negative self-image, and a large percentage of the transgender community suffers from mental health issues. Not to mention, they are at a higher risk of becoming victims of hate crimes, bullying, and discrimination at the workplace and school. To make things worse, the suicide rate among transgender persons is higher than the general population.

    Our job is to discuss and deal with the therapeutic issues for same-sex couples and transgender persons. Our therapists possess several years of experience in helping members of the transgender community overcome their insecurities, fears, gender dysphoria, mental health issues, and other challenges that prevent them from living their life to the fullest. Therapy and counseling can help the sexual minority populations lead happier, meaningful, and fulfilling lives.

    I am a transgender person. Where can I find support?

    Transgenders show a higher risk of suffering mental health complications due to the stigma they face in society. However, support is available for sexually marginalized communities. Here are a few ways by which you can seek help and support:

    1. Therapy – Several therapists and counselors offer therapy for gay couples, transgender members, and non-binary individuals. As a leading LGBTQ+ therapy place, we offer gay marriage counseling and gay and lesbian couples therapy at affordable rates.
    2. Advocacy groups – You may join a transgender advocacy group in your area to feel more welcome and become a part of a larger family.
    3. Community – Socializing and connecting with other trans and nonconforming individuals dealing with similar issues can help you dispel stigma and stereotypes. You can finally enjoy a sense of community, which can make you feel loved, safe, and validated.

    Get in touch with us at 410-835-4696 to sign up for a session with our transgender therapist in Baltimore, Franklin Nuñez. Hawn Therapy & Consulting is a top-rated couples therapy clinic for straight, gay, bisexual, queer, and transgender persons. We address all your questions, challenges, and struggles with gender identity, relationships, sex, and mental health. Contact us today for more details.