Health and Walking Therapy

Walking/Exercise for Mental Health Therapy:


 Some people enjoy walking during their therapy sessions as a way to add in exercise to mental health improvement. We know that physical activity and exercise are one of the most effective ways to improve mood and reduce anxiety. And walking or jogging is free! Some folks choose to walk during sessions to make it easier to open up and have honest conversation. It can also be a way to practice mindful observing and staying in the present. Let's talk about your interest in this option. We can decide if it's beneficial to your therapy and if so, can incorporate it when weather permits. We'll be taking walks from the therapy office on the sidewalks in the area.


Health and the whole person:


I offer nutrition and supplement education and information to most of my clients as our physical and mental health are so connected. I give referrals to resources such as acupuncture, herbal treatments, massage, and other holistic methods you might be interested in trying.