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    Couples therapy should cater to all types of relationships, whether straight or homosexual. Just like heterosexual couples, a same-sex relationship can go through difficult times. Same-sex couples therapy in Maryland is a wonderful option whenever you find that your relationship could use some attention.

    Gay Marriage Counseling

    You could be worried that you are not as happy in your relationship that you used to be or wished you could be. It is normal to go through phases of feelings where you become annoyed, scared, bored, or worried. You could worry if you are the problem or your partner is. By the same token, the issue may even be that you are unsure of what the issue is, to begin with. This is when a same-sex therapist can help you iron out some of the feelings you have and help both of you work through them.

    Selecting Gay and Lesbian Couples Therapy

    The majority of therapists will see couples of all kinds; however, only a few will specialize in therapeutic issues for same-sex couples. It will always be beneficial to work with a counselor who has experience working on problems that are commonplace with same-sex partnerships. But, how can you select therapy in Maryland that is right for you?

    1. Select a Therapist that Accepts Same-Sex Couples – Working with a gay-affirmative professional will make you both feel comfortable and safe. For the therapeutic process to work, you want empathy that goes beyond clinical capacities.
    2. Look for Referrals from Other Gay Couples – If possible, talk with other gay couples that have been through counseling. You can also research the therapist to ensure they are trusted professionals in their field during this time.
    3. Training with Therapy for Gay Couples – Unfortunately, some therapists are outdated regarding methods and ideas. Some counselors with training dating back a few decades may still view the LGBTQIA community as involving a psychological illness simply because that is what they got taught when going through their schooling.
    4. Considering Your Own Issues – When it comes to therapy of any kind, relationships may include complicated dynamics. This is especially true with same-sex couples that may have more fluidity in their sexuality. Looking for a therapist who understands your relationship roles will generally have a more positive, rewarding outcome for everyone involved.

    Some of the common issues that get addressed with therapy for gay couples may include:

    • Struggling with acceptance from family members
    • Negative judgment from family, friends, or co-workers
    • Infidelity
    • Civil union and marriage disagreements
    • And more

    No two couples are alike, and everyone deserves to have an attentive ear when voicing concerns and looking for tools to help work on relationship goals. At Hawn Therapy & Consulting, we work with same-sex couples and offer a broad range of beneficial services. We want everyone who comes to us to feel safe, understood and heard. If you would like more information on family counseling, LGBTQ+ therapy, or therapy for gay couples, we would love to talk with you. Give us a call at (410) 835-4696, and a member of our team is available to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding therapy in Maryland.