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  • Tavi (Tah-vee) Hawn, Transgender Therapist, Founder


    I’m a Southern lover of books, music, a special dog named Scully (remember the X-Files?), a cat named Lionel, a spider-loving scientist and a baby named Waya (Wolf). I’m a co-founder of QORDS, a nonprofit summer camp for queer and transgender youth and youth of LGBTQ+ families. I’m a non-binary trans and Two Spirit person with Tsalagi (Cherokee), English, Irish, and West African roots. I experience and express my gender in different ways at different times. My pronouns are gender neutral (they/them). Whenever possible, I like to read, dance, hike in the woods, grow food and medicines, travel, play my drum kit and my hand drum, hug my elders, and eat.


    Gender Therapist:

     I hold a Master’s Degree in Theological Studies and a Master’s of Social Work from University of Washington in Seattle. Currently, in addition to this practice, I also serve as faculty for the Indian Country Paths (Re)Membered Transgender ECHO project and a therapist with Native American Lifelines. I guide my transgender therapist practice with compassion, dedication, and an anti-oppression lens. Some of my therapy specialties include trauma recovery, addressing negative self-talk, and managing anxiety and depression. I use a framework that affirms gender non-conforming children, youth, and adults, as well as the Two Spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ+) community. The best part of what I do is celebrating a person’s growth and witnessing their courage as they create the kind of life they’ve been hoping for. My clients say they enjoy laughing with me and that I can be direct in a way that is easy to handle. If you’re looking for a gender therapist I’d love to talk with you.

    “Something in me broke open when you said ‘All parts of you are welcome here.’ I had never known radical acceptance like that”. (former client)

    Immigration Evaluations: 

    I provide several types of immigration evaluations and offer a short turn-around time to receive your report. Please contact me about pricing and payment plans.

    People pay me with credit cards, health savings cards, flexible spending cards, and self employed people sometimes write off my expenses as professional services. I have a billing service that handles any insurance issues or claim denials.

    Native American Services:  If you are of Native descent that can be shown with your family tree, you may be eligible to receive free therapy with me (or other practitioners) through Native American Lifelines. Contact NativeAmerican Lifelines clinical director, Dustin Richardson, for more information.

    Payment Information:

    We are out of network with insurance companies for many reasons. You’ll be provided with monthly superbills (special type of receipt) in case you want to submit them to your insurance or FSA account. I’ve listed the billing codes here you can ask your plan about. Most plans with out of network benefits pay you back 50%-80% of my rate. Please know that communicating with your insurer and dealing with any reimbursement denials is between you and your insurance company.

    Individual Sessions: The first session is $200 (Code 90791). Sessions after that are $185 (Code 90837).

    Couple/Relationship Therapy: The first session is $230 and sessions after are $210. (Code 90847 for many insurance plans)

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    Trainer and Public Speaker:

    These days, I primarily provide trainings to organizations, businesses, schools, and individual therapists. My goal is to increase access to truly anti-racist, trans-affirming care by providing training, consultation, and supervision to other therapists, educators, and healthcare practitioners. I aim to contribute by improving the quality of care found in a multitude of service locations for Two Spirit, Indigiqueer, and Transgender individuals and families.