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  • Safiya McHale, LMSW

    A little about me:

    In my free time, you’ll find me dancing, hydrating, and unplugging from social media for a re-set. I’m a UMD School of Social Work grad who’s passionate about the QTPOC community I’m part of. My pronouns are she/her and they/them.

    Eating Disorders and Body Image:

    One area of my professional focus is on healing from eating disorders and negative body image. My work with adults in addressing these things involves learning to let go of shame. We examine all the ways that racism, transphobia, fatphobia, and ableism have affected our body image and behaviors. If you want to break free from the dieting cycle and learn intuitive eating, I can help with that. I want to assist those I hold space for in releasing oppressive views and claiming real freedom. My approach is gender affirming and informed, but not limited, by a Health at Every Size framework.


    As a Black, queer, second-generation Trinidadian-American, my lived experiences have highlighted the ways in which systemic oppression can create trauma, including ancestral or intergenerational trauma. My trauma recovery work comes from a culturally affirming perspective. It can be scary to start to process trauma, but I’ll be by your side on your healing path.

    Somatic Therapy:

    Our bodies can communicate things to us and also be crucial to healing emotional wounds. This therapy can assist a person with becoming more attuned to body sensations and places where the body may be holding emotions or trauma. We can learn to release tension and and process changes in our bodies through breathwork, movement, and other techniques. Somatic therapy can be useful with anxiety, depression, low self esteem, eating disorders, and more.

    Payment Information:

    First Individual Session= $150, Following Sessions=$140

    First Family Session= $160, Following Sessions= $150

    We collect the full payment and provide you with monthly superbills (a special receipt) in case you want to submit to your insurance or FSA for reimbursement. For those with out of network benefits, after reimbursement, your session fee could be $30-$90 depending on your plan.

    I have a few reduced fee spots. If needed, please ask if one is available when you call or email our office.

    Please know that any communication or dealing with reimbursement denials are between you and your insurer. You always have the right to appeal denials with them, and request assistance from the MD State Insurance Commissioner. However, we do not become involved in those communications.

    I’m currently in process of obtaining my clinical licensure and am supervised by and Victoria Stubbs, LCSW-C.