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  • Mara Thomas, Practice Manager

    Mara Thomas, Practice Manager 2Mara (she/her/hers) is an all-around nerd who loves writing, swimming, gardening, and bookkeeping (honestly). On any given day, her creative, queer Cancerian-ness may take the form of cooking comfort food from scratch, deciding that everything is a precious memento, and writing plays that envision a world free of hierarchy. She is also a voice-over artist (side effects may include) and writes about creativity for Artist Soapbox. A life-long musician, Mara can usually be found making noise in the punk group Cold Cream but, y’know, COVID. Since she can’t blast her face off at punk shows these days, Mara is channeling that energy into a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.
    Mara loves talking/emailing with community members to connect folks with the best therapist for them, either in this practice or elsewhere, and to make sure that as many organizations as possible can receive training and consulting from our fabulous staff.