Name Change Process

General Maryland Legal Name Change:

To change your name you must file a Petition for Change of Name with the Clerk of Court. You'll need to take a current birth certificate or other ID. A notice of the request must be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the county in which you reside unless the Court grants a waiver of publication. Keep this in mind when you list the reason for name change. We can discuss options for what to list.

You'll need to check with the Clerk of Court regarding publication of the Notice. In some jurisdictions publication arrangements are the responsibility of the party asking for publication. In other jurisdictions the Clerk of Court will arrange to have the Notice published. If you have little to no income, you can file for a waiver of the publication fee. After the notice has been published, other persons are given the opportunity to object. If someone objects, that person must file an objection and send a copy of the objection to you. You will have 15 days to respond to the objection by filing a written response with the Court. If you want the court to hold a hearing on the objection, include a Request for Hearing or Proceeding, DOM REL 59, with your response.

If you are my client, we can use one session to walk over together to the Towson clerk of court to get the process started if you want support.