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    The Gender Identity Guide for Parents by Tavi Hawn

    Talking with your child about gender identity can seem overwhelming—but with the right guidance, you can have healthy conversations and create an affirming environment for them as they grow. Whether your child is cisgender, gender expansive, transgender, or still unsure, this guide provides practical advice and strategies to help you embrace them for who they are and support them as they approach puberty.

    Cultural Awareness in Therapy with Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Adults and Older People

    by Tavi Hawn

    Practical advice for therapists and other professionals on developing culturally relevant practices with trans clients of varying racial, ethnic, and religious identities, including older trans people. Includes case studies, tips, self-assessment checklists and further resources.

    ‘This book is essential reading for anyone, cis or trans, who works or wants to work therapeutically with trans, gender expansive and/or Two Spirit clients. The author covers transgender care across the lifespan within an anti-racist, intersectional framework. I know I will recommend this book to all my supervisees and to anyone interested in transgender care!”‘

    – Alex Iantaffi, PhD, MS, LMFT, SEP, CST, co-author of ‘How To Understand Your Gender‘ and ‘Life Isn’t Binary

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    Untangled: A Black Woman’s Journey to Personal, Spiritual, and Sexual Freedom

    By Victoria Stubbs

    Victoria D. Stubbs shares her story of overcoming loss, hardship, racism, and adversity. By becoming vulnerable, being true to herself, and finding freedom in her sexuality and spiritualism, she encourages you also to let yourself be free.