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  • Non-binary Therapist Baltimore

    The world is changing and a non-binary therapist in Baltimore is here to help. If you find yourself wandering aimlessly as acceptance comes gradually or feel anxiety and depression, Hawn Therapy and Consulting can help.

    What are my rights?

    You do have protected rights. Discrimination based on gender identity is illegal no matter who you are. 

    There are routes you can take to ensure a full and fulfilling life when others seek to deny them. Still, the pressure you face can be overwhelming. Older coworkers, for instance, may refuse to use proper pronouns or even understand who you are.

    Issues Facing Non-Binary Individuals

    There are many issues and obstacles facing non-binary people beyond blatant discrimination. These come in the form of:

    • Social complications stemming from same-sex marriages
    • Discrimination with the same community
    • Violence from the heteronormative community
    • Legal gender recognition
    • Social inclusion

    All of these issues come with serious consequences for mental health. Anxiety, depression, and even more serious concerns such as paranoia may result. Finding a therapist who understands you can be crucial.

    Counseling for Non-binary People

    Counseling is important when you start to experience life-altering issues. Your therapist is your confidant, bound by client patient privilege. In any circumstances, you can confide more about your inner-self with your counselor than your own family.

    Gain hands-on help discovering your sense of self, goal achievement, and with the unfortunate implications of living within an increasingly tolerant yet sometimes troubling society. Finding help is the best step to finding inner peace.

    Defining your Best Sense of Self

    Life can be confusing in the non-binary community. There is a maze to navigate both externally and internally. A therapist who knows and respects you can help you reach the peace of mind you deserve without sacrificing your sense of self.

    Our therapists are not concerned with gender-identity. We seek to support our clients in every community. In fact, many of our counselors are or have family members with a protected status.

    We seek to help you navigate the maze of life. There is no need to suffer because of your identity.

    Goal Achievement

    Identity and goal achievement go hand in hand. It can often be difficult to perceive how you fit into your own future. This is where setting and accomplishing goals becomes problematic.

    Do not suffer in silence. Depression and anxiety are not simple matters. They impact everything from job performance to physical health.

    A counselor can help you define and accomplish everything from short to long term goals. Get back on the path to stability and success. We help patients overcome internal and external barriers.

    Non-binary Therapist in Baltimore

    Society continues to evolve. Different ideas on gender, sex, and race continue to move us towards our best selves. However, there is still work to be done and this can negatively impact the non-binary community.

    Hawn Therapy and Consulting is here to help you achieve the most from your life. Get the help you deserve by getting in contact with us today at 410-835-4696 or visit our website.