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  • Minority Mental Health Baltimore

    Finding treatment places that deal with minority mental health in Baltimore can be an intimidating task. Hawn Therapy & Consulting has been helping out members of the LGBTQIA+ community for several years now. Our therapists use a combination of talk therapy, counseling, and psychotherapy to help individuals overcome their mental and behavioral health challenges.

    Why is counseling important to mental health?

    ​The world can be a busy place to live in, causing many people to feel lost, left out, and unheard. Counseling is your one chance to feel heard and understood and receive validation for your feelings from a licensed and non-judgemental therapist. 

    Besides, not all of us have everything figured out in life. A few need help to keep moving forward. Counselling offers motivation and revitalizes you to maintain progress. Our gay and lesbian couples therapy reinforces self-esteem and encourages positive internal conclusions. Your mental health plays a critical role in your personal and professional growth. If you experience symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma, or other psychological problems, it can lower your morale, affect your productivity, ruin your peace, and deteriorate your overall quality of life.

    Counseling can benefit you more than you think. We are a leading place for counseling and therapy in Baltimore. Our same-sex therapist, Caroline Hippler, offers excellent counseling and therapy services for nonbinary, transgender, and LGBTQIA+ clients.

    How to come out to my family and friends? 

    Choosing to come out to your family members and loved ones is a personal decision, and you should make it whenever you are ready and comfortable for it. If you feel ready to come out but need some help expressing your thoughts and feelings to your family, attend therapy for gay couples to receive professional guidance and tips from a licensed therapist.

    We recommend our clients test to the waters first before they come out to anyone. You can do this by discussing the current events around the LGBTQ community, LGBT characters in movies or books, etc., and see the kind of reaction you get from the person to whom you wish to come out. It can help you assess their attitude and decide if you want to do it then or later.

    Who needs mental health counseling?

    Mental health counseling is for anyone with uncontrollable, disturbing, or intrusive thoughts. Individuals suffering from anxiety, panic, or depression should seek support from a mental health therapist at the earliest. If you belong to one of the sexually marginalized communities, meeting with a therapist specializing in therapeutic issues for same-sex couples can help you maintain healthy and meaningful relationships in life. Alternatively, mental health counseling is for anyone experiencing:

    1. Uncontrollable or intrusive thoughts
    2. Compulsive or destructive behaviors
    3. Insomnia, nightmares, and flashbacks
    4. Relationship and family conflicts
    5. Sexual or domestic violence
    6. Issues with alcohol or drug use
    7. Suicidal or self-harming thoughts

    Your search for the top-rated gay marriage counseling ends here. Identifying as a lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer member, or transgender should not affect your quality of life. Call us at 410-835-4696 to schedule a counseling session with one of our therapists specializing in minority mental health in Baltimore. Hawn Therapy & Consulting has the best therapists with several years of experience and hundreds of positive reviews.