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  • LGBTQ Therapy Baltimore

    Hawn Therapy & Consulting has touched thousands of lives with unsurpassed LGBTQ therapy in Baltimore. Our highly sought-after therapists understand the struggles faced by the members of the LGBTQ community and use a combination of talk therapy and psychotherapy to help them lead healthy, fulfilling, and happier lives.

    Issues commonly faced by LGBTQ couples

    LGBTQ members face gender identification problems, oppression, discrimination and often become victims of hate crimes in society. In addition to these, they also need to figure out how to come out to their family, make a living, be successful in their careers, and find love. 

    LGBTQ couples can find it hard to understand each other’s emotional, social, and sexual needs. In the initial stages of the relationship, couples may find it difficult to communicate freely. Sex and intimacy are tricky areas for LGBTQ couples to figure out. Just like straight couples, they also deal with significant life transitions like getting a new job, moving to a new town, purchasing a house together, expecting a child, parenting matters, etc.

    As a leading counseling center offering therapy for gay couples, we address all these issueseffectively, to help our clients maintain a healthy and meaningful relationship with their loved ones. We also offer gay marriage counseling in Baltimore for same-sex couples before they take the plunge.

    Why should I seek therapy for sexual identity issues?

    If you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ community, you may have several unanswered questions about your gender identity and sexual orientation. While the internet can help you to an extent, nothing compares to receiving advice and support from a licensed therapist.

    Finding love as an LGBTQ+ member can be tricky and confusing if you do not know what you want. Your therapist can help you understand your gender identity fully and open your mind to numerous possibilities that you would not have known otherwise.

    Issues commonly discussed in an LGBTQ counseling session

    During your counseling session with an LGBTQ therapist, you will discuss the problems you face as a part of the sexually marginalized population. You can open up to your same-sex therapist about any concerns you have and the challenges you face specific to your gender identity.

    LGBTQ counseling also addresses therapeutic issues for same-sex couples, helps you explore your sexual orientation, and allows you to be more comfortable with your gender expression. If you are thinking about coming out, our experts can offer guidance and help you do it confidently.

    Our leading professionals may also identify and address the mental health issues, if any, like identifying and managing depression, anxiety, gender dysphoria, facing discrimination or bullying at school or workplace, etc. LGBTQ counselors offer gay and lesbian couples therapy, allowing you to receive help with relationship issues, sexual matters, and parenting.

    Book a session for LGBTQ therapy in Baltimore with one of our therapists today. Contact us at 410-835-4696 to learn more about the therapists at Hawn Therapy & Consulting and the prices they charge. We can help you overcome your insecurities, mental health issues, and the everyday challenges you face as an LGBTQ member. Get in touch with us today.