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  • LGBT Therapy Baltimore

    Finding a therapist who offers LGBT therapy in Baltimore can be a daunting process. Hawn Therapy & Consulting is one of the few top-rated counseling centers specializing in helping members from the LGBTQ+ community with support and resources to help them lead their best lives.

    How do I find an LGBT-friendly therapist?

    Look for LGBT therapists near you on the internet and choose the one with the highest rating and hundreds of positive reviews. You also want to check their qualification, experience in handling issues similar to yours, and training level in offering therapy and counseling.

    As a side note, you may ask your friends and colleagues in the LGBTQ+ community for references. Rated as the #1 LGBTQ+ therapist in Baltimore, Caroline Hippler, has several years of experience helping gay, lesbian, transgender, queer, and nonbinary persons live their best lives.

    What is imago therapy for couples?

    Imago relationship therapy focuses on equipping couples with essential tools to connect in healthier ways. Imago refers to developing an unconscious concept of familiar love at a young age, which remains unchanged in adulthood. This form of therapy uses spiritual and behavioral techniques and Western psychological methods to help cohabitating and married couple unravel their unconscious components.

    Imago relationship therapy views a conflict as the outcome of specific circumstances, which helps couples heal from the issue quickly and grow a stronger bond than before. Imago examines the conflict and enables individuals in a relationship to reach a satisfying solution under the guidance of a licensed therapist.

    What is affirmative treatment?

    Affirmative therapy advocates for the needs of sexual minority populations. Our same-sex therapist uses verbal and nonverbal means to offer an affirming stance for members of the LGBTQ community. Affirmative therapy addresses the unique challenges faced by LGBT people and helps individuals attain greater self-actualization.

    The case formulation and conclusion model of affirmative therapy sessions can help you feel welcome and accepted in a safe and therapeutic setting. We offer the best affirmative therapy in Baltimore alongside gay and lesbian couples therapy at budget-friendly prices.

    What do LGBTQ counselors do?

    Several LGBTQ+ members search for support and resources to learn more about their gender identity, expression, dysphoria, and other related matters. LGBTQ counselors offer therapy for gay couples and help individuals explore their gender identity and sexual orientation. An LGBTQ counselor addresses the therapeutic issues for same-sex couples and helps them lead a healthy, happy, and satisfying life. LGBTQ counselors offer help with the following challenges:

    1. They help you explore identity/orientation
    2. They can assist you with coming out to your family members
    3. They can address and help you deal with depression and anxiety
    4. A counselor can help you overcome gender dysphoria
    5. LGBTQ counselors also offer gay marriage counseling and address relationship issues in couples belonging to sexually marginalized communities.

    You no longer need to struggle to find answers for your gender identity-related queries. Contact us at 410-835-4696 to book an LGBT therapy in Baltimore with one of our highly sought-after therapists. The counselors and therapists at Hawn Therapy & Consulting possess several years of experience helping members from the LGBTQ+ community. Our therapists can help you find answers to the questions that keep you up at night. Call us today.