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    Kink Affirming and Sex Positive Therapy

    We know that there are not many kink aware providers in the Baltimore area. You may not need or want to talk about your sexual and relationship practices in therapy, but want to know that your therapist is aware and familiar with BDSM and kink. You may have been exposed to negative messages about your desires and kinks.

    Our clinicians can assist you in processing and recovering from the harm those messages cause. They can help you navigate the terms and boundaries of your sexual experiences if that is something that would be helpful. Some people we work with want to learn how to tell the difference between abusive and consensual kinky dynamics and you can discuss these things with your therapist. Healthy and fun sexual experiences can be an important part of an adult’s life and we want to support you in fostering those experiences in yours. Relationships can take many forms and roles. Our kink informed therapists can help you assess the health of your relationships. We can provide information and resources on play parties, education, and mentors.

    All of our providers view pornography use and sex work as valid parts of sexuality for adults who want to engage in them. We believe in ethical, queer and trans affirming platforms. We take a position of body sovereignty and autonomy. We support masturbation as a healthy sexual behavior that can be part of emotional self soothing and expression. We support asexual individuals and do not believe that sexual activity is necessary to be a healthy adult. We believe all bodies are good bodies and that health is not determined by BMI or weight.