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    Immigration Evaluations

    Immigration is challenging regardless of the reasons for immigrating or mixture of emotions someone may feel in coming to a new country.

    We can provide evaluations for:

    Political Asylum Waivers in the case of the need to flee a country due to oppression based on an identity, political affiliation, or religious belief. We have extensive knowledge related to the effects of identity based oppression and violence.

    Visas based on being trafficked to the US or being the victim of a crime while in the US when the victim is willing to cooperate with law enforcement in investigation.  An assessment can document the extent of psychological harm done by the victimization.

    Hardship Waiver in the case that a US citizen will experience extreme difficulty and complications if a family member’s deportation occurs.

    When someone faces deportation, this can be a significant emotional and psychological hardship on their family (spouse, children, or elderly parents).  A hardship evaluation done by a therapist, such as Tavi Hawn, LCSW-C, is designed to document and explain this hardship to immigration professionals.

    We offer clinical interview and assessments to produce the best evidence to support your petition.  We collaborate with immigration attorneys and if you do not have an attorney, we can refer you to a lawyer that is experienced in immigration issues.

    Our evaluations can generally be complete within 2-3 weeks of our final interview.