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    Healing in Activism and Creating Change

    Emotional Effects of Organizing and Activism:

    Many of our clients foster their resilience through activism and creating social change.  Through our own experiences with grassroots community organizing and participating in direct actions, we’re able to recognize the emotional impact this work can have. We believe in its necessity, yet at times we experience traumatic or painful things in our role. Our trauma deserves time and attention so that we can continue our work as activists and maintain healthy relationships with our community members.

    Testimonial: “I appreciated that you held me accountable for showing up in my organizing and being creative. I also loved your sense of humor” (former client).

    Healing and Sustaining Ourselves:

    We can draw from spiritual and cultural beliefs and traditions. Our ancestors lift and carry us along. Reading and sharing stories of inspiring movements and activists around the world can increase our energy and courage. Do you know that we can care for ourselves and to allow ourselves to be cared for by others without guilt? We practice the skill of setting healthy boundaries in our movement work and communities. We believe in our spirits’ bend towards healing.