About Nikki Falay, LGMFT

Nikki Falay, LGMFT

I am a cisgender queer Sephardic Jew, originally from Istanbul, Turkey. I received my training at University of Maryland where I provided relational and family therapy in the clinic there and afterwards worked in a couples therapy practice for queer people of color.  My identities mean that I've experienced both oppression and privilege and help my clients process these experiences.  As a multi-cultural person, I know what it's like to live away from home, balancing several cultural norms, and holding onto the things that make me "Nikki" wherever I am.

I love working with LGBTQ+ individuals and relationships, consensually non-monogamous people and relationship units, immigrants of all identities, all people of color, and kinky folks. Another area of interest is in working with those dealing with chronic illness and traumatic brain injury. I care deeply about supporting neurodivergent individuals.  My work in supporting LGBTQ+ families includes assistance with co-parenting or respectful separation and divorce processes.

Another service I offer to my trans and non-binary kindred is writing letters for gender affirming surgeries. Many of my clients are transgender folks who just want to see a therapist they don't have to explain their identity to.

I can support the families of transgender individuals in processing emotions, adjusting to change, and learning to be actively supportive and affirming.

Most of my clients have experienced trauma at some point in their lives. To assist with healing, I provide EMDR therapy and can use this with individuals and couples.

I'm passionate about social justice, intersectional therapy, and sex positive therapy.  Are you struggling with managing New Relationship Energy (NRE) or jealousy or a monogamous-polyamorous partnership? Let's talk about it! Thinking about making a commitment to marriage but want to be sure it's the right move? I offer inclusive and affirming pre-marital counseling. Providers and organizations can request training from me on providing kink-affirming care as well as working with ethically non-monogamous relationships. Give yourself a chance to work with a therapist who actively fights to de-stigmatize mental illness, chronic illness, kink, and non-monogamous relationships.

In my free time, you might catch me snuggling my dogs or working on my make-up art skills.

I am in process of obtaining full clinical licensure and am supervised by Lexa Grobicki, LCMFT.

Payment Information:

I am out of network with insurance companies currently. I submit claims for you and you receive reimbursement from your insurance. If you'd like to use your  out of network benefits, please verify them with your insurance company, as well as whether you have to meet a deductible first. I've listed the billing codes here you can ask about. Most plans pay you back 50%-80% of my rate. have a limited number of reduced rate sessions at the fee of $80 or $100. Please inquire about openings for reduced rate at the time of your call. Preference is given to people of color.

Individual Sessions: The first session is $155 (Code 90791). Sessions after that are $145 (Code 90837). With the claim form I submit electronically you will end up paying out of pocket likely $35-$85 per session, which is the cost of a co-payment for most people. You can also request a 90 minute session at the rate of $230.

Couple/Relationship/Family Therapy: The first session is $180 and sessions after are $170. If you’d like to have 90 minute relationship sessions the fee is $250. Out of network electronic claims will be submitted for you.

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