About Dr. Michael Marquez, PsyD

As a queer, Latinx cisgender man, it is my passion to support my LGBTQIA+ and POC community in our own collective healing. Too often counseling can feel like a non-inclusive space, and my work has focused on providing a healing space where clients feel comfortable being their genuine selves, free from judgment and guilt. Sometimes it feels like many of us move through our day wearing a mask to “fit in,” which is a heavy burden to bear. Together we can work towards removing this mask by helping you tap into what already lies within you - a bit of authenticity, a splash of self-compassion, and a healthy dose of empowerment.

My commitment to social justice has involved coordinating diversity services at several local universities, leading social justice retreats, delivering outreach and trainings to the community, and facilitating support groups for queer people of color. 

As a clinician and graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, I offer therapy to both adolescent youth and adults. I have specific training and expertise in working with young adults, particularly individuals who are struggling with life transitions, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, relationship challenges or identity issues. Additionally, I am a sex-positive kink and poly affirming provider and actively support all of my clients in building healthy relationships. I offer couples and relationship therapy to various relationship structures and to both monogamous and non-monogamous partnerships. 

I am trans-affirming and seek to support my transgender community members in accessing the quality of care they deserve. I also have an interest in men's Issues, exploring toxic masculinity, and supporting all men, whether LGBTQ+ identified or not, in receiving healing and life-changing therapy. In addition, I am here to serve immigrant community members, and all of those dealing with the harmful effects of racism, xenophobia, and cultural trauma. I am able to offer counseling services to individuals who are Spanish-speaking. I am fluent in understanding Spanish and have intermediate fluency when speaking. This means that clients can feel free to speak exclusively in Spanish, though I may occasionally use English or other methods to help me convey some ideas. Let’s discuss if my level of fluency is something that could work for you!

Clients describe me as open, silly, calming, collaborative, and warm. In my free time, I love to cook, sing, dance, and volunteer with the Baltimore Dance Crews Project, a nonprofit mentoring Baltimore youth through hip hop dance.

I'd love to have the privilege of being your therapist! 

Individual Sessions: The initial session is $160 (Code 90791). Sessions after that are $150 (Code 90837). With the claim form I submit electronically you will end up paying out of pocket likely $40-$80 per session, which is the cost of a co-payment for most people. You can also request a 90 minute session at the rate of $225.

Couple/Relationship/Family Therapy: The first session is $180 and sessions after are $170. If you’d like to have 90 minute relationship sessions the fee is $250. Out of network electronic claims will be submitted for you.