About Brianna Veres, LGPC

Brianna Veres, LGPC

I am a queer transgender woman with a Master's in Applied Psychology from the University of Baltimore. I see adults and teens for counseling. My guiding principle as a therapist is empathy: listening to what my clients have to say and striving to truly understand where they are coming from and who they want to become. It's especially important to me that you feel welcome to speak frankly with me about culture, diversity, and oppression. Some of the work I do most often includes working with anxiety and depression, helping folks of all ages explore and express their gender identity, and navigating important school or career decisions.

I am trained in acceptance and commitment therapy, a type of treatment based in the radical idea that therapy should be about helping people discover and build towards the life that is most meaningful to them, rather than simply trying to attack symptoms. This means working with me will likely involve talking about self-compassion, mindfulness, and how to connect with your core values. I also practice from a feminist, person-centered view in which I recognize that while I may be the expert on what I do, you are the expert on yourself, and therapy should be an equal collaboration between the two of us.

In addition, I am trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) which introduces emotion management skills that most of us never learned growing up. This approach emphasizes finding balance, being able to validate yourself and others, and staying in the present to reduce anxiety, depression, and dissociation.

My clients have said that my style as a therapist puts them at ease and helps them open up to conversations they'd never thought they could have. My own life experiences with coming out, transition as a transgender person, learning to process emotions and cope with challenges might make me just the right counselor for you!

In my personal time, I enjoy creative writing, practicing the piano and guitar, and playing video games.

I am in process of obtaining full clinical licensure and am currently supervised by Mira Tessman, LCPC.

Payment Information:

Individual Initial Session: The first session is $150 (Code 90791). Sessions after that are $140 (Code 90837). I have a few reduced fee spots of $80. Priority for reduced fee is for people of color.

Family Therapy Sessions: $160 (Code 90847).

Transfeminine Therapy Group: $40 Individual Intake, $25 group sessions



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