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We moved June 21, 2019!  Our office is in Baltimore, convenient to Towson and DC. Clients come to us from the Baltimore, DC area, as well as other parts of Maryland. We are available for video therapy for clients who reside in MD in distances farther than 45 minutes from our location. We can discuss the pros and cons of video therapy if you are interested in considering this.

Video Therapy:

Typically, we can provide video therapy to anyone in Maryland.  Currently, due to Covid19, some states have made exceptions allowing teletherapy across state lines. Please contact us with questions about this. As of March 16, 2020, our office is all virtual until further notice so that we can practice social distancing or social solidarity/community care.

The benefits of video therapy is that those without transportation, with disabilities that make travel difficult, those who want easier scheduling or who want more privacy are able to receive therapy. You don’t have to cancel sessions when you’re sick or the weather is bad.


Some limits to video therapy are that there is not the same emotional energy that is felt when you’re in the room together, it’s more difficult to pick up on nonverbal communication, and some types of trauma therapy may not be as effective when not in person.

Please specify when you call if you are interested in video therapy.


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Nikki Falay, LGMFT

Tavi Hawn, LCSW-C

Michael Marquez, PsyD

Brie Sutton, LGPC

Brianna Veres, LGPC