What to Expect in Therapy

For a lot of people showing or expressing emotion in front of a new person is a little scary and just know that this is normal. During your first two to three sessions you'll be getting to know your therapist and building your new relationship.  In the first session your therapist will be asking clarifying questions about your intake forms and you can ask them questions too. You'll identify some of your goals and talk about options for meeting those. Your input about what you'd like to happen in your appointments is important to us , so feel free to share anything you might have liked about any past therapy sessions you've had. As we move forward in therapy, you can also share what is helpful and what isn't. This process is individualized for your needs and personality.

When you get to the building, you'll enter the waiting room. Help yourself to water or tea, check out the books and magazines, and your therapist will be out to show you to the office shortly. If you have mobility issues, there is a ramp from the street to the front door. Our office is on the first floor.

Therapy is a collaborative process. Our time together in the office is important, but personal work outside of the session enables our transformative discussions to "stick".  You deserve to make an investment in yourself!

Testimonial: "Thanks for letting me borrow books, listening to my story, and sometimes kindly telling me when I might be a little bit wrong". (former client)