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    Deaf and Hard of Hearing Therapy

    Kendra Smith, LCPC:

    As a long-standing hearing member of the Deaf community and as a former counselor and faculty member at Gallaudet University, I have the training and experience to provide culturally and linguistically affirmative services to Deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing clients of diverse backgrounds. Fluent in both American Sign Language (ASL) and English, I make every effort to
    match my clients’ communication needs and preferences.

    Deaf individuals’ lives can be shaped in different ways by their identity and experiences.  Whether you are Deaf with hearing parents, hearing with Deaf parents, from a long line of Deaf ancestors, new to signing, or have a cochlear implant, I’m here to support you in your therapy goals. As a hearing therapist, I want to encourage discussion of our identity differences and to make therapy relevant to your cultural and communication needs as we work together.

    Deaf community members may come to therapy to address a wide range of topics, but a common theme is often navigating cross-cultural relationships whether romantic partnership, friendship, employer/employee relationships, etc. This challenge is one that I have a lot of experience in both personally and professionally.

    If you are located in DC or Maryland where I’m licensed, you can email [email protected] or send a message through the Contact form on this site to find out if we might be a good fit.