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  • Couples Therapy Baltimore

    Couples therapy in Baltimore can be expensive, but not if you choose Hawn Therapy & Consulting. We are a team of experienced and compassionate therapists specializing in counseling individuals dealing with mental health disorders, behavioral issues, and relationship problems.

    Does couples therapy work?

    Multiple studies have proved that couples counseling can work better than you expect, provided you go to a skilled and experienced therapist. Couples counseling has a 70% success rate, and those who meet with a same-sex therapist once a week are less likely to break up, separate, or get a divorce. 50% of the married couples in America attend couples therapy, and over 66% of those who attend therapy for gay couples see visible improvement in their relationship in less than 20 sessions.

    However, nothing can help you overcome your relationship problems if you are not willing to make changes and adopt your therapists’ suggestions. Try to approach couples therapy with an open mind and trust the process. It can help you overcome the issues in your relationship and maintain a gratifying union with your loved one. 

    When should couples start counseling?

    You do not have to wait for problems to arise to attend couples therapy. You may also use it to maintain a healthy, fulfilling, and emotionally satisfying relationship with your partner or spouse. On the other hand, it may be pivotal that you attend couples therapy in the following instances:

    1. You and your partner are having the same fight over and over again.
    2. You and your partner cannot agree on something or come to a resolution about a specific matter.
    3. You feel stuck in a relationship or are facing infidelity, financial strain, or trauma and talking to a therapist can help you handle these stressful situations easier.
    4. You have problems being intimate with your partner, or there are intimate issues that you would like to discuss in the presence of a professional.
    5. Lack of proper and effective communication between you and your partner.
    6. A desire to improve your relationship
    7. Feeling distant from your partner
    8. Dealing with a significant life transition like moving to a new job, buying a house, expecting a child, etc.
    9. Transition from parenthood to empty nesting
    10. Considering a divorce or separation

    You may also seek gay and lesbian couples therapy if you need premarital counseling or help with codependency. Our team of competent and highly trained and experienced counselors deal with therapeutic issues for same-sex couples and have helped them find the key to a happy union.

    Who should attend couples therapy?

    Couples therapy is beneficial for any two people in a romantic relationship. Our therapists offer counseling for straight and gay relationships, interracial couples, young teen and individuals dating, engaged, or married.

    Your search for the best gay marriage counseling ends here. Contact us at 410-835-4696 to schedule an appointment for couples therapy in Baltimore with one of our top therapists. Hawn Therapy & Consulting is a leading therapy center for straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer couples, and we accept most insurance plans.