Training, Consulting and Presenting Services

Clinical Consultation and Professional Trainings:


We provide workshops, presentations, and trainings on a variety of topics.  Agencies, organizations, universities, professional service providers and businesses have sought out our training to build an anti-racist framework and become more trans-friendly and competent.

Presentations we've given include: Trans 101, Trauma and the Trans Community, Ethics of Trauma work with the Trans Community, Cultural Relevance and the LGBTQ+ community, Improving Healthcare Settings for Trans Patients, Providing Kink and Poly Affirming Care,  Affirming work with People of Color,  Healing Toxic Masculinity with Men of Color, etc.  We have a range of offerings from 1-3 hour trainings or full day workshops and ongoing consulting relationships.  We also offers "audits"  or assessments to organizations to make specific recommendations for improvements, as well as building training and consulting recommendations based on the assessment. Tavi's training and speaking fees are much higher than the rates for our other presenters because they've delivered over 200 trainings to date and their rate is now commensurate with experience, in addition to lived experiences. 


Tavi offers organizational consulting to assist companies in creating anti-racist, anti-oppressive, truly trans affirming workplaces. This allows companies to honestly advertise themselves as equitable and LGBTQ+ affirming, and to effectively recruit and retain talented individuals.

Please contact us to find out about availability and fees for any of the above.