About Hawn Therapy and Consulting, Gender Therapist


Gender Therapist:

 I hold a Master's Degree in Theological Studies and a Master's of Social Work from University of Washington in Seattle.  I guide my private gender therapist practice with compassion, dedication, and an anti-oppression lens. Some of my therapy specialties include trauma recovery, addressing negative self-talk, and managing anxiety and depression. I use a framework that affirms gender non-conforming children, youth, and adults, as well as the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ+) community.  The best part of what I do is celebrating a person's growth and witnessing their courage as they create the kind of life they've been hoping for. 

"Something in me broke open when you said 'All parts of you are welcome here.' I had never known radical acceptance like that". (former client)


In addition to gender therapist, I provide trainings to organizations, businesses, schools, and individual therapists. My goal is to increase access to truly trans-affirming care by providing training, consultation, and supervision to other therapists and health practitioners. I aim to contribute by improving affordable options for transgender individuals. To this end, I offer lower fees for training to those willing to provide pro bono and sliding scale options.


I'm a Southern lover of books, music, a special dog named Scully (remember the X-Files?), a cat named Lionel, and a spider-loving scientist. I'm a co-founder of QORDS, a summer camp for queer and transgender youth and youth of LGBTQ+ families. I identify as a non-binary person with Tsalagi (Cherokee, Eastern Band), English, Irish, and West African roots.  I experience and express my gender in different ways at different times. My pronouns are gender neutral (they/them). Whenever possible, I like to read, dance, go hiking, travel, play drums, and eat good food.