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  • Black Therapist in Maryland

    A black therapist in Maryland can help you with the empathy you deserve. Everyone needs a helping hand once in a while. Not every therapist can connect with patients on the same level.

    How does my race affect the counseling I receive?

    It may seem redundant in an era where police brutality and discrimination are quickly becoming despised by the broader society. We all want to live and work as a single, productive, yet individualistic and happy whole. A whole made up of different opinions and thoughts.

    Still, these same experiences are what sets communities apart from others. Different groups have different experiences in America. Whether gay, straight, a minority, female, or male, there is no denying the impact of opinion on our mental health.

    As Dr. Kevin Nadal and Dr. Katie Griffen point out, racial microaggressions alone correlate to symptoms of depression. They found that people experiencing significant amounts of stress do best when working with racially and sexually aware counselors who understand who they are.

    How do I find a therapist who understands me?

    Seeking help is a great first step. However, for minorities and other protected groups, it may not be enough. Education tends to err on the side of those who write history. 

    While most therapists want to help, not every therapist is trained or experienced in dealing with the side effects of discrimination or even with the terrific cultural nuances that make America a great country.

    African American therapists do not just study our community but live in it. We know how the weight of history becomes the weight of the mind and impacts our daily lives. 

    Benefits of Finding African American Psychologists

    For people of color, finding a therapist of the same race is vital to achieving a healthy state of mind. People who sought help from others in the same community:

    • Drop out of counseling at a lower rate
    • Were more likely to attend sessions
    • Reported feeling more stable more often

    Clearly, the weight of the evidence is in favor of seeking a counselor of the same race and gender identity.

    Therapy for Black Girls in Maryland

    Hawn Therapy and Consulting specializes in helping historically mitigated minorities in times of crisis. Our minority, trans, black, indigenous, and kink aware counselors in Baltimore know that you are unique and can help when no other specialist can.

    Many of our therapists belong to the communities we support or have family members experiencing the difficulties faced by ostracized groups. We offer our services for anyone around the DMV and PA areas with video counseling in Maryland in DC.

    Finding a Black Therapist in Maryland

    If you seek counseling, seek the best treatment possible. There is no need to settle for someone who doesn’t understand you and your community. Hawn Therapy and Consulting is there for you.

    Our black therapists live and work in the community we serve, the greater Baltimore area as well as Maryland and Washington DC. Seeking help is great. Take the extra step and get in touch with us today at 410-835-4696.